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Food Handler Certification Course

As of July 1, 2011, ALL food handlers (anyone "involved in the preparation, storage, or service of food in a food facility") working in the State of California must be certified in the safe handling of food. (SB102) These cards are good for a period of three years, and the employer must be able to furnish documentation that every employee has obtained one.Certified Food Handler - Chef with Flaming Wok

California Safety Training Corporation (CSTC) is the leader when it comes to Food Safety. We are accredited by the National Restaurant Association and State of California Environmental Health, and have trained thousands in safe food preparation guidelines. We have also been recognized by the Kern County Environmental Health Services Department as an authorized Food Handler training center.

Now the same attention to detail is available in our Food Handler Certification training. This class is available in both English and Spanish. It is taught on a regular basis at our facility, and is also available at your place of employment. (Ten or more students are required for an onsite class at your facility.) The cost is $35.00 per student. Call us at 661-377-8300 to reserve your place today!

CSTC has been serving agriculture, oil, manufacturing, construction, medical, restaurant, and retail industries throughout California, the Continental US, and countries throughout the world since 1985. Our bilingual (English/Spanish) instructors deliver information and motivation to bring your employees to a heightened level of awareness and motivate them to use the practical safety principles taught. CSTC instructors are dedicated, educated, and practiced in the difficult art of training, entertaining, and changing the behavior of the workers. CSTC instructors and safety technicians have been trained in the CSTC system of topic delivery. They have proven their ability to adjust the program while in motion to the needs and abilities of the students, and continually educate to a higher level of proficiency. Each CSTC employee has an area of focus in which they strive to be a main resource for that chosen area. Cross training among the staff ensures updated and consistent delivery of the curriculum.

"Serving Safe Food" Certification Course - Hospitality

This is a one-day course that runs from 8:00 am through approximately 4:00 pm.  The price for the class is $150.00 Cash, check or money order, required at the time of registration and can be made out to CSTC.  A study guide booklet, practice test, & Foodborne illness sheet will be issued at the time of registration.  You can register at 2130 Brundage Lane, Bakersfield CA 93304. If you have any questions, please call us at 661-377-8300.


National Restaurant Association



If you have already taken the class, but failed to pass the test, re-testing services are available.  The cost for a re-test is $50 and arrangements can be made through our main office.  The ServSafe examination begins at approximately 3:00 pm on the day of class, so if you have signed up to take the test only, you need to be in our office no later than 2:45pm the day of the test.  Seating is limited, and you are strongly urged to sign up ahead-of-time.

Examinations are graded by the National Restaurant Foundation.  Results and scores are their responsibility.

Unless otherwise noted, all classes listed are on Mondays!


"Serving Safe Food” Certification Course

Class times are Monday 8:00am to 5:00pm

Class price is $150.00 per person. Check or money order is required at the time of registration and can be made out to CSTC. A study guide packet with practice test will be issued as the time of registration. You can register at 2130 Brundage Lane Bakersfield, CA 93304. If you have any questions, please call CSTC at 661-377-8300.


2020 English
Class Schedule
2020 Spanish
Class Schedule
Monday, January 6th Monday, January 13th
Monday, February 3rd Monday, February 10th
Monday, March 2nd Monday, March 9th
Monday, April 6th Monday, April 13th
Monday, May 4th Monday, May 11th
Monday, June 1st Monday, June 8th
Monday, July 6th Monday, July 13th
Monday, August 3rd Monday, August 10th
Monday, September 14th Monday, September 28th
Monday, October 5th Monday, October 12th
Monday, November 2nd Monday, November 9th
Monday, December 7th Monday, December 14th

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